Hotel Kung Carl is relaunching the hotel's own punch

Hotel Kung Carl is relaunching its own punch, originating from the 1800s, and pairing it with innovative cocktails. In conjunction with the opening of the hotel's cocktail bar and Bistro La Belle Epoque, Hotel Kung Carl punch is reintroduced. The barrels used to infuse the punch were previously stored under the royal castle, and the label is the original version preserved at the Spirits Museum.

Hotel Kung Carl's punch is developed in collaboration with Norrtelje Brenneri, specialists in punch. In 2013, Norrtelje Brenneri preserved Swedish history in liquid form with Father Berg's oak barrel. The Father Berg barrel, filled with 1800 liters during the reign of King Carl XV, was stored in the castle cellar until the mid-1900s. Bellman Punch is extra dry and elegant, adding nuance to Hotel Kung Carl's own punch.

"A well-balanced, less sweet, and refined punch that has rested in a Bellman barrel from the late 1800s to provide additional complexity. The barrel originally stood in the castle where King Carl XV delighted in consuming the noble beverage. We are incredibly proud to offer these drops of history!" – Hans Bihl, Spirits Sommelier & Bar Manager, Hotel Kung Carl.

The punch adds character to the hotel's cocktail menu In collaboration with Konceptism, the team has developed an ambitious cocktail list inspired by La Belle Epoque, where Hotel Kung Carl punch is the heart. A series of custom-made punch drinks have been created here, refreshing and telling exciting anecdotes from a bygone era. Flavors and stories intertwine in classic drinks that have been given a modern twist in their presentation. The idea is to bring punch to Stureplan and reimagine this otherwise old-fashioned drink in new variations.

The cocktail book also offers a classically inspired "Guldkant," punch mixed with cognac. This is followed by a long and rich chapter with eight pages of drinks with their own twist. From Kung Carl Martini to a P&T – Punch and Tonic. Here, we get to experience classics in a new form that has absorbed the history of France, Sweden, and even the hotel itself. Hotel Kung Carl punch is also available as a special order in Systembolaget's ordering assortment.

Hotel Kung Carl Punsch


Perhaps the most underrated ingredient in a bartender's arsenal is Punch. A "smoky fruitiness," akin to whiskey meeting rum, but with alcohol that doesn't dominate the flavor in the same way, gives Punch a "smooth" and "groovy" character, where colors and flavors come together in a well-balanced manner.

Our own Hotel Kung Carl Punch is crafted by Norrtelje Brenneri and was relaunched in 2021 (the original was created in the 1880s) with a label preserved at the Spirits Museum. Swing by our cocktail bar to give it a taste!